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Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle (er, Yardful) of RUMmage! (xposted to PoorinMpls, etc.)

  Hey People --

Just wanted to announce a RUMMAGE SALE, if that's it? I hope so.  If not, many apologies.  :)

Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle (er, Yardful) of RUMmage! 

 Saturday, September 12th, 8 am to 5 pm 
2440 Dupont Ave. South, Minneapolis, 55405 

(This is the Northwest corner of 25th and Dupont, in front of the little 3-story, square apartment building — general area is the Wedge/Lowry Hill East, heading towards Uptown)
SWEET assortment of everything! Including, but not limited to: books, household objects, décor, shoes, art supplies and crafty things, accessories, and most of all, plus-size women’s clothing, everywhere from XL (size 14) and up (to 28ish?)! Really great stuff! Recession prices! Run, don’t walk! 

Now, if you’re reading this email and thinking, “Aw, man, I don’t need to GO to a sale, but I sure wish I, too, was HAVING a sale”,well, you are SO in luck, because I would really love to biggen this already great event and add more people to it! If you’re interested in bringing your stuff over and enjoying a lovely day of selling in the sun, let me know!  Email, or send me a message on my LJ.

Either way — hope to see you Saturday, September 12th, and have a lovely day!
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