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twin city thrift

thirft thrift thrift

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this community is for residents of the twin cities to discuss their favorite thrift stores, show off their latest bargain finds, notify others of garage sales, and post reminders for other thrift-related events.

community guidelines

1) please be respectful of other users. anyone can post, but users making inappropriate and/or disrespectful posts will be booted.

2) please utilize the lj-cut feature for especially lengthy posts and/or posts containing more than one photo.

3) advertising should be limited to local garage sales, thrift store sales/openings/etc, or eBay auctions for thrift-related items. if you are promoting your eBay sales, please post links behind a cut.

moderated by thebabykitties

as this community grows, i'd like to include a list of links to TC thrift/rummage/bargain-related websites. i just moved back here, so if there are any stores you'd like to see added to the info, or any websites you'd like to recommend, please feel free to shoot me an email or leave a comment for me.

Twin Cities Free Market

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< href="http://www.savers.com/">Savers</a>